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Zodiac… Blogophilia 2.4

March 7, 2011 22 comments


“What is this script?” David screamed. “I can’t work with this! We need some rewrites.”

Sallon grabbed the script and yelled back, “It’s brilliant. Edgy, so European. I love it!”

Ruggi flinched. This was his first meeting with Silver Moose Pictures, actually, his first Hollywood meeting period. His agent Sue blanched as the meeting was heating up.

D. J. Myke pounded on the conference table. “This music score is horse… it’s worse than awful!”

Sallon stood up and snatched the movie score from Myke. “It is Goth, perfect for the mood. Imagine you are at a secluded campsite in Yellowstone Park, waiting to sneak into the biggest concert of your life. And one by one… your friends are disappearing. Giant grizzly tracks are the only clue. Do you think you’d be listening to pop tunes? No! Goth is perfect. Something is in the air… Fear! We need a dark soundtrack.”

Myke scowled, but found himself nodding along. “But a quality EMO sound. Bad Goth is still bad music.”

“Ok, let’s back off the soundtrack for a minute,” David said. “Ruggi, why is the bear named Zodiac? That just sounds cheesy. A Kodiak bear named Zodiac. It rhymes… but do we need the rhyming?”

“I saw an American show about a grizzly and a boy,” Ruggi replied. “The bear had a name. Genuine Ben or something. I thought it was customary to name bears in America. And Wikipedia said the biggest bears were found on Kodiak Island. Zodiac, Kodiak… it just sounded ominous.”

“Where are we going to get a bear, anyway?” Stunt coordinator Liam asked.

David and Sallon just looked at each other. “The Falcon?” Both nodding.

“That means dollars. Lots of bucks,” Myke pondered. “We’ll have to cut Ruggi’s screenwriting fee to start with.”

Sue leaped up. “Not on your life! We could skip the grizzly and do a Halloween-type shoot. The camera is looking out the bears eyes. So you just see its paws slashing.”

Myke, Sallon and David just burst out yelling and pounding the table. “No, that is too cliche! We need an authentic feel for this picture. A real grizzly, chasing down the doomed actors.”

Liam stood up and said, “Tyler is pretty fast. I’d use him on a stunt with a live grizzly.”



Is the movie Predator: The Concert (1987) real, or just an urban legend? Supposedly, it was so terrifying that it has never been released to movie theaters or on DVD. Now with Charlie Sheen scaring people with his tiger-blood, perhaps it is time to open the vaults.

A review of the movie found at IMDb:

My brother wrote the original review for this film but if the sequel was available today the rating would be higher. Grizzly II The Predator was a sequel to the orignal Grizzly (1976). Edward Montoro produced the film. Since the film had many problems it could only afford to be released to tv in small quanties. I can remember some about the film when my brother also watched it. Charlie Sheen played a hiker who was attacked by a grizzly bear. When a mountain man (George Clooney) found him dying he took him to a hospital. There he discovers that Allison (Joan McCall) who was also in the first film, tells him about an earlier event that happened when Christopher George killed a grizzly bear who was killing campers some 10 years ago. From then one when Sheen sees campers being killed by the bear he goes own hunt to find him and kill him. Nick Maley made a fake bear instead of training a real bear which could have been better. Grizzly II The Predator was lost only after a year on tv noone knows were it is today it is basically lost. If it reappears the film will hopefully be aviable. Christopher George was originally cast in the film but died of a heart attack before he could be in it.

Blogophilia 2.4 Topic: “Something in the Air”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts):  use a word starting with “Z” three times (we take this to mean the same word three times – NOT three different “Z” words)

(Easy, 1pt): incorporate a type of currency

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So You Think You Can Dance on Broadway? – Blogophilia 1.4

March 6, 2011 16 comments


The Falcon looked over at Lissa. She was glowing. Well, her favorite program was starting tonight. He didn’t really care for reality TV shows, but she loved this one. So what could he do… Maybe take her to New York and get in the audience for an episode? Oh yeah… that would be so perfect!

“It’s starting!” Lissa beamed.

“Who’s the cast this season?”

“Tyler Myrth from Ohio. Really impressed the Pittsburgh judges at the auditions. Colleen B from Florida, the only contestant with a cat. David II from Mankato, seems too hyper. Alba from Costa Rica, maybe too much with the flip flops? Very artistic though. Ruggi from Utrecht. More of a pure Tango dancer, so maybe a long shot. Dave Nissmech from Oregon. So much with the blueness. Miss Mojito from Belgium. She was a sensation at Pole Pole Ghent. I just don’t know who is my favorite yet…”

The Falcon sighed. “So You Think You Can Dance on Broadway? sounded like it was going to be a long season. Maybe he could interest Lissa in the Bruins?”



Tyler looked at the Noxema label’s warning. Might cause eye irritation. Flush eye immediately if contact occurs. This stuff was supposed to take off stage makeup? Well, his eyes were burning… getting kind of blurry. He had to finish changing costumes and get the new makeup on. Thirty seconds until he was to enter stage right…



Where is Tyler? Sue was just going to start the next song without him. Would anyone notice if she played Kaleidoscope instead? It might promote her movie on a subliminal basis. The producer was so laid back. Narcolepsy? He was usually kind of wild, screaming at everyone but tonight just chit chatting away on the phone. Oops, was that a clef she just missed? The lighting design was so vibrant pink it was hard to read the sheet music. Tyler called it soothing… not hardly. Sue just kept playing her keyboard…



“Stop. Tyler I don’t know what to say. We haven’t had a dancer miss an entrance before tonight. I’ll have to ask the judges if we can still let you dance.” The host D. J. Myke looked suitably distraught as he approached the judges. “Lainey, what do you think?”

“Sorry, Tyler. I loved your audition dance. You have such a passion for dance and theatre that I’d love to have you go on. But you missed the entrance cue.” Lainey replied in a kind but firm tone.

“Christopher?” Myke queried.

“I’d say it is close enough for government work. Let him advance to the next round.”

“OK, the final say goes to Liam,” Myke said. “But not before we pause for a commercial break from our sponsor Noxema…”



Blogophilia 1.4 Topics:


Feeling like an alien

I Once Dated a Martian

Being a Big Kid is Not Easy

Connection That Can Heal

Bonus suggestions: (Hard, 2pts./Easy, 1pt.)

mention insomnia

use the color scarlet twice

include square dancing

include a clef

incorporate cyberspeech

include fortified monkey meat

include “civil fleas”

mention 50 count…

use a skin preparation – Noxema

incorporate confirmation of delivery

incorporate Grade A

incorporate Handwriting Analysis

Final date to post: March 8th, 2011 GMT midnight

Final date to post GUESSES: March 5th, 2011 GMT midnight

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