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Zodiac… Blogophilia 2.4


“What is this script?” David screamed. “I can’t work with this! We need some rewrites.”

Sallon grabbed the script and yelled back, “It’s brilliant. Edgy, so European. I love it!”

Ruggi flinched. This was his first meeting with Silver Moose Pictures, actually, his first Hollywood meeting period. His agent Sue blanched as the meeting was heating up.

D. J. Myke pounded on the conference table. “This music score is horse… it’s worse than awful!”

Sallon stood up and snatched the movie score from Myke. “It is Goth, perfect for the mood. Imagine you are at a secluded campsite in Yellowstone Park, waiting to sneak into the biggest concert of your life. And one by one… your friends are disappearing. Giant grizzly tracks are the only clue. Do you think you’d be listening to pop tunes? No! Goth is perfect. Something is in the air… Fear! We need a dark soundtrack.”

Myke scowled, but found himself nodding along. “But a quality EMO sound. Bad Goth is still bad music.”

“Ok, let’s back off the soundtrack for a minute,” David said. “Ruggi, why is the bear named Zodiac? That just sounds cheesy. A Kodiak bear named Zodiac. It rhymes… but do we need the rhyming?”

“I saw an American show about a grizzly and a boy,” Ruggi replied. “The bear had a name. Genuine Ben or something. I thought it was customary to name bears in America. And Wikipedia said the biggest bears were found on Kodiak Island. Zodiac, Kodiak… it just sounded ominous.”

“Where are we going to get a bear, anyway?” Stunt coordinator Liam asked.

David and Sallon just looked at each other. “The Falcon?” Both nodding.

“That means dollars. Lots of bucks,” Myke pondered. “We’ll have to cut Ruggi’s screenwriting fee to start with.”

Sue leaped up. “Not on your life! We could skip the grizzly and do a Halloween-type shoot. The camera is looking out the bears eyes. So you just see its paws slashing.”

Myke, Sallon and David just burst out yelling and pounding the table. “No, that is too cliche! We need an authentic feel for this picture. A real grizzly, chasing down the doomed actors.”

Liam stood up and said, “Tyler is pretty fast. I’d use him on a stunt with a live grizzly.”



Is the movie Predator: The Concert (1987) real, or just an urban legend? Supposedly, it was so terrifying that it has never been released to movie theaters or on DVD. Now with Charlie Sheen scaring people with his tiger-blood, perhaps it is time to open the vaults.

A review of the movie found at IMDb:

My brother wrote the original review for this film but if the sequel was available today the rating would be higher. Grizzly II The Predator was a sequel to the orignal Grizzly (1976). Edward Montoro produced the film. Since the film had many problems it could only afford to be released to tv in small quanties. I can remember some about the film when my brother also watched it. Charlie Sheen played a hiker who was attacked by a grizzly bear. When a mountain man (George Clooney) found him dying he took him to a hospital. There he discovers that Allison (Joan McCall) who was also in the first film, tells him about an earlier event that happened when Christopher George killed a grizzly bear who was killing campers some 10 years ago. From then one when Sheen sees campers being killed by the bear he goes own hunt to find him and kill him. Nick Maley made a fake bear instead of training a real bear which could have been better. Grizzly II The Predator was lost only after a year on tv noone knows were it is today it is basically lost. If it reappears the film will hopefully be aviable. Christopher George was originally cast in the film but died of a heart attack before he could be in it.

Blogophilia 2.4 Topic: “Something in the Air”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts):  use a word starting with “Z” three times (we take this to mean the same word three times – NOT three different “Z” words)

(Easy, 1pt): incorporate a type of currency

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  1. March 7, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    LOL I wouldn’t want to be in this movie, not with a real bear chasing the actors. I would be too afraid it would really kill someone…maybe even Tyler…or was that the point. You sure seem to have it out for him. Although if you wanted to get rid of him this would be a good way, while no one would be the wiser…well, they couldn’t prove you did it on intentionally. LOL Great story!

  2. liam
    March 8, 2011 at 9:36 am

    LOL grizzle meat LOL

  3. March 8, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    I’ll get the bear – I live in Canada … you WILL NOT cut Ruggi’s screen writing cut !!!

    a goth poem for you – sorry can’t find the pic for it
    No escape –
    My mind a tangled
    web of your soul’s worst nightmare.
    You will not escape.

    Into my clutches
    your blackest despair, squeezed by
    my tormented wrath.

    Don’t attempt to flee,
    or beseech to the Divine.
    Your fate and death. Mine.

    And as usual with your wonderful writes I had to google The Predator – forget Charlie Sheen – maybe we can get Arnold – he is out of a job….
    Shit your journalism always astounds me – sort of like my “sex pots” write

  4. March 8, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    This was a good write David, it’s Sonnet Diva from Blogophilia Aka Lori. I miss this group. leave to you to make me laugh with your zaniness. I miss the Blogophilia group, so I’ll send them all warm hugs on your page

  5. March 8, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Strangely I find myself wishing that that grizzly had mauled Charlie Sheen when he had the chance. 😀

    Oh, and you are darn tooting that I will charge an arm and two legs for that live grizzly.

  6. March 8, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    :O No way I’d work with a live grizzly!

    (also, my link is not to me) 😮

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