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Blogophilia Week 16.4 – A New Time Has Begun

June 20, 2011 9 comments

“Do you have a reservation, Sir?”

Tyler laughed. “Yes, of course.” This weekend probably was the most business the Doppler Hotel had experienced in years. Sallon was supposed to be picking up Falcon and Lissa at the Airport while Myke and Donna took care of the decorations in the ballroom. Everyone agreed that Thomcat needed a weekend to acclimate himself back to the Midwest. All the green, the trees, could be too stimulating. Going straight into Ohio was just not an option.

“You have Room 8, the top of the staircase and the third room on your right.”

Tyler winced. He hated that staircase. The Doppler Hotel was the first building in Indiana to feature an elevator, and the architects had thought no one would use anything as old fashioned as stairs again. So they cut some corners on the specifications, leaving a tight and winding staircase with undersized treads. And when one of the original cables on the elevator broke in the 1870s… no one had been able to get a replacement part. Tyler looked over, yes, the sign Under Repair was still hanging on the elevator. Well, Dahlia wouldn’t make it up those stairs in her stilettos, so hopefully she had a first floor room.

He could hear Lainey rehearsing her violin solo in the theatre. She hadn’t wanted to play a set with The Wackies but she was being a good sport about it. He could hardly wait for tonight’s concert.

“Sir, there is a message for you. A woman.” The manager slid across the huge brass room key along with a folded message. As Tyler read it, he felt a cold chill… it was from Lesley-Anne Downs. He decided he would just act naturally, no need to worry Sallon about the past. Face forward… A new time has begun. He’d never ridden the rails again since the incident with M&Ms with her on the train.


Is that Lesley? Sallon did a double-take. You can’t build your life around hurts from the past, she reminded herself. But it did hurt… Deeply.

Lesley had been her one friend at her new school, all the other girls wouldn’t speak to her until she started wearing nylons like everyone else. Then Lesley had told her Mom about the nylons and betrayed her and gotten her grounded… Sallon knew she was getting too worked up. Maybe it wasn’t even Lesley, just a Doppleganger or something.

She just sighed and started walking into the hotel. The sounds of Lainey’s violin getting closer and closer in time. She shivered, the Doppler Effect?


Blogophilia Week 16.4 – A New Time Has Begun

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): use a quote from the playwriter Tyler Perry – You can’t build your life around hurts from the past
(Easy, 1pt): mention an oxymoron – act naturally

Final date to post: June 21st, 2011 GMT midnight
Final date to post ALL GUESSES: June 18th, 2011 GMT midnight
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