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Blogophilia 27.4 Topic: “The Walls Have Ears”

August 30, 2011 10 comments

“Far out!” The musicians were stamping their feet and hollering, “Bravo!” Myke had never seen anything like it in his career in music. Most studio musicians were just there to make a buck, and to have affected them to this degree… Well, he looked over at the rest of the quartet, and he could sense they all had the same feelings of being choked up.

“Ruggi? What do you say?” Sallon called out to the recording tech.

“Roxy-ical. Totally Roxy-ical. This is a wrap, no further editing. Nada. It is ready to hit the airwaves, Sallacious One.” Ruggi set down his headphones with a dreamy look.
Nobody could recall Ruggi saying Roxy-ical for anything short of Roxy Music hits. This was going to be huge. Two months ago, Lainey had played her original violin concerto of Peter and Wolf medleys to Myke, and he was entranced. He had a feeling that it was time to get the Cutting Edge Quartet together again and sing Russian folk songs to accompany it.

The other members rearranged their busy schedules and Tyler even managed to book them to play at the New Kiev town auction so they could have a live audience reaction. Donna was wiping a tear and just beaming as she hugged Myke, “This has been wonderful, I knew from the rehearsals that we’d be good. But I never imagined us to be this awesome.”

Tyler and Sallon just laughed, and Tyler said, “It is not just the singers, let’s hear it for the composer and arranger, Lainey!” She stood up and took a bow.

“RUN! AXE MURDERER!” One of the residents of New Kiev was screaming. The villagers were fleeing to their cottages, slamming doors and shuttering the windows.

“Tyler, the Vega!” Donna yelled as their producer, David, put the Vega in gear and started off down the rutted path that served as Main Street. Tyler started running to cut off the driver, without the Vega they were stranded. Donna’s Miata was only a two-seater, and red to boot. “Ouch!” He called out as he tripped in the long grass. “Stay back! I think this is the victim.”

Tyler checked for a pulse, but with all the blood, he knew it was hopeless. “It looks more like a knife wound. Wait, here is a scythe.” He picked up and waved a bloody scythe. “I think this is the murder weapon.”

“Put it down for CSI.” Sallon called out.

“No way, we need it for defense. Can anyone call out?” They all checked for signal strength bars. New Kiev lay in a wooded hollow, deep in Ohio hill country and it was hopeless to use a cellphone. Tyler gave out a frustrated sigh and just shook his head.

“Okay, then. The village doesn’t have electricity. We had to bring a generator to run the recording equipment. I doubt they have phones. Let’s form up on the Miata.” Myke said as he picked up a couple of rocks. “We can have two or three people squeeze in the Miata, the rest sit on the hood or trunk. We’ll get out of this just fine. Keep a sharp lookout.”

“Leave the equipment?” Ruggi squirmed and set down a keyboard. “Do we have time to cache it?”

“Look, the villagers are back outside. What are they doing?” Lainey pointed and called out. “They have pitchforks, and torches. And they have blocked off our route.”

“It’s Tyler, they see him with the scythe. They think he is the murder!”

Tyler took in the scene at a glance and veered off to lead the mob away from his friends. If he could make it to a ridge, they’d have a shot at making a cell call out and getting help.

“Over here!” It was David, calling out from deeper in the woods. Tyler looked back, the mob was gaining on him, he had no choice but to continue on. “In here, I have the Vega stashed in this cave.”

“Damn it! We needed the car back in the village.” Tyler was livid.

“No, this place is a setup, Man. I saw AK47s, grenades… these people have invaded us.”

“Red Dawn scenario?” Tyler caught his breath and looked around. “Is this place safe? The walls have ears?” David nodded no, but shrugged. Tyler peered out the cave, and started humming quietly to himself, “no more Mr. Nice Guy…” Then he pulled a knife, the Cutting Edge Quartet was going to show these invaders… a Red Dawn.

Blogophilia 27.4 Topic: “The Walls Have Ears”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): use a phrase from
one of David II’s blogs ~ Tyler gave out a frustrated sigh and just shook his head. – Hazy Shades in Winter 25.4

(Easy, 1pt): use an Alice Cooper song title – No More Mr. Nice Guy

Final date to post: September 6th,
2011 GMT midnight

Final date to post ALL GUESSES:
September 3rd, 2011 GMT midnight

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Hazy Shades in Winter – Blogophilia 25.4

August 19, 2011 18 comments

“This place is great, Tyler. The Skeleton Key Club is a keeper!” Sallon seemed amused. “The Egyptian theme is a little freaky, though.”

Tyler gave out a frustrated sigh and just shook his head. This wasn’t at all what he imagined it to be when he won the nightclub in a high stakes dice game in Atlantic City. He’d been feeling jinxed all day, and just played in the game as a favor until winning the club. He guessed he should feel grateful, but it just didn’t fit the South Philly neighborhood. After the parade they’d need to make some decor changes.

“Let me put play something on the DJ turntable that will get the mood rolling,” Myke yelled out. “Walk Like an Egyptian…”

Tyler had a frantic feeling welling up inside, he should have waited until after the parade to come here. Everyone was trying to be helpful, but he’d be more grateful if they’d get in their costumes. All of Ohio would be tuning in to see them win the parade’s dance award, this was too crucial for the state’s pride for any distractions. Both Sallon and Thomcat were getting fired up, singing the Ohio Mummers parade song already.

We from Ohio

Mummers from Ohio

Strummers in a Trio

We from Ohio

Land that we adore so

We from Ohio

Paradise we couldn’t love more

We from Ohio

We’ll Mummer past your DOOR!!!

What’s the word?


“Hey, check out the backroom,” Thomcat called out. “There’s a sarcophagus. I wonder if it is empty?” A creaking sound could be heard above the music, and Tyler raced towards the room. “A MUMMY! HE’S MOVING!” Thomcat gasped. Tyler, Myke and Thomcat all jumped on the sarcophagus to try and close it, but the Mummy slid out. And blocked their exit.

Sallon slammed the backroom door shut, then pushed an old stone sphinx in front of it to keep it blocked. They’d thank her later for not letting the Mummy loose on the crowded streets of Philadelphia, the carnage would be horrendous. Inside the backroom all three looked at each other, they knew Sallon had good intentions… but unwanted favors gain no gratitude. She could just make out a sweet scent coming from the room. Orchids? No… The word was on the tip of her tongue, Chrysanthemums. Yes, mums the word.

25.4 Mum’s the Word

Blogophilia 25.4 Topic: “Mum’s the word”
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): Incorporate a quote by Sophocles ~ Unwanted favors gain no gratitude. — Sophocles (Oedipus at Colonus)
(Easy, 1pt): Use the words frustrated, freaky, frantic
Contact Tyler Myrth to try out for the Ohio Mummers Dance Club.
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Blogophilia 24.4 Topic: “What’s Mine is Yours”

August 14, 2011 15 comments


Blogophilia 24.4 Topic: “What’s Mine is Yours”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): Paraphrase ‘Goethe’ ~ All things are only transitory.

(Easy, 1pt): include something rotten

Final date to post: August 16th, 2011 GMT midnight

Final date to post ALL GUESSES: August 13th, 2011 GMT midnight

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