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Lean on me…

Utrecht, 2004


“Are you, or are you not the leader of the Vigilantes?” the prosecutor screamed at Ruggi.

“No, I mean I was at the vigil, but I’m—”

“Enough! Mealy-mouthed semantics! Judges, esteemed members of the Council of Elders, it is clear this witness is in contempt of everything the Greatest Generation holds dear. He led this—this so-called vigil—in complete defiance of the Council’s moratorium on Dom Tower modifications. The council’s subcommittee responsible for studying various plans  has, by law, until January 2028 to compile their report. Do we let the ‘Chosen Generation,’ he sneered, “pick and choose our laws? Nay, once we let the choice of a generation—a lesser generation!—seize control of our landmarks… Utrecht is doomed! I say let the punishment fit the crime—we need to set an example for all generations.” The Prosecutor scowled at Ruggi, and bowed to the Council before taking his seat.

Ruggi didn’t know if he could leave the witness box, nobody had really said he was excused. The whole Council of Elders was glaring at him, it didn’t look promising. A group of his friends had all pitched in when he suggested a mock nave being constructed out of scaffolding to connect the tower to the Cathedral. It looked great, and the press jumped on the bandwagon, calling them the “Chosen Generation,” the generation that would close the gap created by the 1674 tornado.

The authorities had reacted strongly, sending in the All-Orange Fire Brigade to tear down the scaffolds. And then setting crowd control barriers on the streets to isolate the tower. A simple protest vigil, and more over-reactions leading to his arrest.

“Ruggi! Stand and approach the Council’s Bench! You are hereby sentenced to 10 years hard labor. The sentence is suspended as long you stay 500 meters from the Dom Tower at all times, and cease all this vigilante behavior.”

*   *   *

Utrecht, 2011


Lainey pointed to the Dom Tower and screamed, “It’s shaking!” She and Jean waved frantically at Ruggi scootering up on his bike, to get his attention. Lainey had won a trip to Utrecht in a poker game in Minot, drawing a royal flush to beat Josh Duhamel’s straight flush, and her four-of-a-kind deuces stunning the crowd as he feebly played three aces.  A simple sightseeing jaunt to the world famous Dom Tower had turned the trip into a nightmare…

“Ruggi, over here!” Ruggi spotted them, hopped off his bike and started to saunter over. He was dressed as a Matador, complete with a cape and rakish mask. “Hurry, Ruggi!” Jean hissed.

Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly,” he replied with a smirk. Then he noticed where they were pointing. Was it an earthquake? The tower was definitely shaking from side to side. “Myke?”

Myke came barreling through the thick crowd of teenagers, elbowing and shoving his way forward. “It’s a flash mob, the kids have packed the Dom Tower and every Tweet North, they all jump to the North-side, then they Tweet South, and hurl themselves to the South-side. Like rocking a boat.”

“Somebody has to go in there and tell them to knock it off, they’ll topple the tower otherwise,” Lainey said heatedly. “Ruggi, you are the only one the speaks Dutch.” Jean added.

“It’s the younger generation, they don’t trust anyone over 30.” He replied. “I’m also on probation, if I take the law into my own hands, I can be accused of being a vigilante.”

“Ummm, Ruggi, you would be a vigilante, taking the law in your own hands is pretty much the definition.” Myke said reasonably. “You can still get through to the tower, I’ll help you make it through this gap—”

“They just listen to iPods, and Tweets, there is no reaching the younger generation directly. But I’ll go…”

*   *   *

The tower continued to rock that fateful day—until a masked man rushed into the tower and caused a panic when he drew his sword, sending the younger generation fleeing. The Dom Tower today continues to lean, now having the distinction of being the most-leaning tower in the world. The Chosen Generation believes they know the identity of that masked super-hero, but no one has come forward to claim the glory. The tower now leans farther away from the Cathedral than ever, the people of Utrecht mutter over the new generation gap…

Blogophilia 32.4 Topic: “The Choice of a Generation”
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): incorporate a quote from actress Mae West ~  Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.
(Easy, 1pt): mention two types of poker hands (as in Flush, Straight, etc.)

Final date to post BLOG: October 11th, 2011 GMT (TUESDAY)

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  1. Sue
    October 8, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    I don’t think the new generation smokes enough of what is sold here

  2. October 9, 2011 at 6:14 am

    This was a hoot David I enjoyed it. Poor Ruggi , MIke and LAiney send my hugs to them

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