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Blogophilia 35.4 Topic: “You Can’t Have That”

Ruz shivered. The desert air was so cold, it cut right through the delicate caftan she was wearing. For so long she had desired attending a writers’ workshop with the Blogophiliacs—she just hugged herself and looked to the starlit sky.

Her journal was still blank—the thick, creme-colored paper ready to take her flow of feelings, and restless thoughts. The first exercise was to find a plant and establish a relationship with it. This was her hangup—she’d wandered the desert day and night for three days without establishing a special relationship with any plants. The other writers were on their second journals already, and they’d been publishing wild stories of plant conversations.

Lainey had a bright red journal, with a Canadian maple leaf design on the cover. And she was writing wonderful stories of maple trees and mountain ferns—and they were sharing tales of grizzly claws, and beaver teeth. Scary, edge-of-the-seat plant stories… But Ruz hadn’t seen any of those plants in the desert. Lainey must be making up all the stories and not really doing the exercise. It would be wrong to tattle… But maybe she should say something to the group leader, Marvin. Ruz started to jot down her observation, and then went back inside the Moonfire Lodge.

Myke was still communing with that beat-up cactus. The only plant that had spoken to Ruz, and it was taken. The cactus told her that Myke was all wrong about cactus—they really did need SOME watering. The cactus was mad, it thought this was the worst seminar, ever. It really didn’t like Boomie playing every darn Abba song, either. She wrote that in her journal as well.

Tyler had the blue journal containing the dialogues with the highland blue agave plants. Again, this was so suspect—the desert was flat here for one thing. And why would the blue agaves give Tequila brewing advice? Does he really think they want to be harvested and distilled? She wrote furiously about this deception.

And Sallon? The much vaunted green-diaries-of-Sallon, Sallon? Some stories from Bouteloua dactyloides… Ruz knew from watching Little House on the Prairie that was High Plains Buffalo grass. Oh, how exciting to learn how drought resistant and nutritious it was for livestock. Yawn. Still, it was not likely out here in the desert. Sallon probably wrote those journal entries during the Mankato years. Ruz glared at Sallon and noted in her diary her reservations about Sallon’s writing assignment.

“I think everyone is back to the Lodge,” Marvin called out. “Would anyone like to share today’s plant conversation?”

Ruggi stood up, “The tulip was concerned about proper bulb storage. It felt that was a time it was vulnerable to bruising and damage.” The class clapped, and Ruggi sat down beaming. Ruz rolled her eyes, don’t these people get it? Tulips in the desert? Come on… She got up quickly, dropping her journal as she was gathering up her caftan.

“You dropped this, Ruz,” David said helpfully. She twirled around in alarm and snatched the journal from his hands. “Oh, I didn’t read it.” He said, his face innocent, but eyes darting in a shifty manner.  Ruz felt her face flush, this journal was supposed to be private! Only a dialogue between her and her special plant friend. How dare someone read it. She was getting madder by the minute.

“Verrry eentersting!” Nissmech remarked, holding her opened journal. “I think you grabbed David’s journal out of his hands. He meant you dropped your pen. Now I don’t like tattling, but Marvin should know you don’t think my blueberry conversation was genuine!” Nissmech’s voice was icy, his features a cold, darkening blue.

Ruz looked around the room—Nissmech had better not say anything more! “You can’t have that!” She gasped as she reached for her journal…

Blogophilia 35.4 Topic: “You Can’t Have That”

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): include a reference to the 60s series “Laugh In” ~ Verrry eenteresting… a Laugh In catch phrase
(Easy, 1pt): tattle on another Blogophiliac

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  1. October 26, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    enjoyed this it’s so you give my love to teh group HUgs

  2. Sue
    October 26, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Bravo! Beautifully done

  3. October 27, 2011 at 7:00 am

    great firsting prize, lol you know in spirit that i am there with you all. I’ve been writing at Flexwriters Creatve Network and it helps fill the void of not writing with the Blogophilia group.It’s a shame 3.0 ruined the Spazz and scattered the writing community.

  4. Liam
    October 27, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    its an evil plot! ahh poor Ruz. LOL great post

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