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Blogophilia week 2.5 – “…on the Rocks” (part 4)

March 4, 2012 11 comments

Blogophilia 1.5 Topic: “Going the Extra Mile” (part 3)

“One Adam Four. We have word from our Governor, as a courtesy to Mr. Schwarznegger, shoot to kill the suspect. I repeat, lethal force is authorized.”

“Roger. I have suspect in sight. They are going the extra mile trying to cross Rabbit Ridge, a sitting duck…Wait. They’ve dropped on the rocks. Must of fallen into a mine shaft. Roll EMTs and Fire Rescue.”

“Roger. ETA is 20 minutes.”

*     *     *

“Someone on the ridge has fallen into a mine!” Thomcat yelled.

“You stay here,” Arnold barked out at Tyler. “Let’s go.” Arnold and Thomcat started racing up the slope.

Tyler was feeling a growing sense of comprehension… He looked around and opened up his journal. Earlier, he had started to write down the nursery rhyme as:

Ohio, the land held dear

Taft, big and filled with hair

His early talents were unearthed

when he was still a minor

Now the pieces were getting clearer, it might be:

Ohio, the land held DEER
Taft, big and filled with HARE
 His early TALENTS were unearthed
when he was still a MINER


Oh boy, a lost Taft mine at Rabbit’s Ridge in Deer Coulee. It all fits! Taft was known for paying for everything in gold or silver bars. So talents must refer to the old measurement for precious metals, and mining was how Taft assembled such a large campaign fund. And mining must be the first of the Twelve Labors of Taft, the American Hercules!

And Arnold’s first movie was Hercules in New York… Could he have been thinking of following Taft’s footsteps that early? Maybe his weightlifting career was more about equaling Taft’s prodigious strength and completing the massive labors? Or, finding the Coat and saving a lot of effort–80% of the electoral votes for Taft came from 20% of the states.

Tyler shut the notebook with disgust, it was obvious Arnold was way ahead of everybody. But, Taft was unlikely to hide the Inaugural Coat of Many Colors at the site of his first Labor… Time to figure out the other labors and jump ahead of Arnold and Thomcat. Where was Sallon, anyway?

*     *     *

*One Adam Four. What is your status?”

“I’m on the rocks. Definitely a mine cave-in.”

“One Adam Four. Detain the man with red socks at Arnold’s restaurant…”


Blogophilia 2.5 Topic: “…on the rocks”
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): incorporate the 80/20 principle – 80% of the electoral votes for Taft came from 20% of the states…
(Easy, 1pt): mention an Olympic sport which uses heavy metal – weightlifting
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