Blogophilia 28.4 Topic: “It’s Raining Martians!!”

September 6, 2011 10 comments




“Tyler! Did you sign with Shockey?”

Tyler looked stunned, how did Sallon know Shockey had even called?

“It’s on his website. How could you?”

“I didn’t make any commitments, we just talked,” Tyler replied heatedly. “Maybe I should.”

The Drambuie Pursuit 2010 still haunted him. Busting through a rainy and windswept Inverness as the first overall finisher—then watching Team Silver Moose take the team victory. Just 12 seconds between them, and Sallon had paused during the dirt buggy race to write in her green journal on the second day.

“We aren’t having Team Meigs County’s mascot as Meigsy the Gerbil again. I made some calls—Buckeye Chuck,” Sallon said with a tentative smile.

Tyler looked at her, it was important for Sallon to take this trophy. She felt the challenge was a metaphor—her escape from Ohio. And she would be restless until she triumphed. Well, Buckeye Chuck was the best groundhog on the planet, and he did enjoy a good spectacle. Drambuie Pursuit 2011… he just couldn’t make this decision lightly.

. * * * * *



“Sallon, this is different. I respect Diego, you know that.”

You fear Diego, thought Sallon. Why didn’t she just hang up on Antonio? She hated him more than any person she had ever met. Did she ever love him?

“You know the love we shared still glows for me.” Sallon just shivered, he had always known what she was thinking. And what to say to manipulate her. “I just need the speech you gave to the judge to make my movie a masterpiece, in 20 years the audience will appreciate fully—the passion of Sallon.”

It seemed like yesterday… she was talking with a struggling Spanish actor at a dusty bullfight outside of Seville. He was quiet, and intensely interested in her travels, and she had opened up her green journals and shared them with him. Just like Tyler—Antonio had a photographic memory.

The following years were torture. He was exposing her story in Labyrinth of Passion, Law of Desire—it seemed like every love she had ever had was now on the big screen.

“I’ll think about.” She put down the phone and stepped outside on the patio. This time of year the San Diego sky was so clear. Mars, the red planet… a flash of shooting stars…. Tyler, Antonio—it’s raining Martians, she laughed to herself. Then the laughter stopped—she had an inspiration… just rise up.


Blogophilia 28.4 Topic: “It’s Raining Martians!!”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include the word “Hebdomadally” ~ The Hebrides Hebdomadally Herald Post- Scotland’s Leading Weekly Newspaper

(Easy, 1pt): mention a ‘gerbil’ and name it – Meigsy the Gerbil

Final date to post: September 13th, 2011 GMT midnight

Final date to post ALL GUESSES: September 11th, 2011 GMT midnight

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Blogophilia 27.4 Topic: “The Walls Have Ears”

August 30, 2011 10 comments

“Far out!” The musicians were stamping their feet and hollering, “Bravo!” Myke had never seen anything like it in his career in music. Most studio musicians were just there to make a buck, and to have affected them to this degree… Well, he looked over at the rest of the quartet, and he could sense they all had the same feelings of being choked up.

“Ruggi? What do you say?” Sallon called out to the recording tech.

“Roxy-ical. Totally Roxy-ical. This is a wrap, no further editing. Nada. It is ready to hit the airwaves, Sallacious One.” Ruggi set down his headphones with a dreamy look.
Nobody could recall Ruggi saying Roxy-ical for anything short of Roxy Music hits. This was going to be huge. Two months ago, Lainey had played her original violin concerto of Peter and Wolf medleys to Myke, and he was entranced. He had a feeling that it was time to get the Cutting Edge Quartet together again and sing Russian folk songs to accompany it.

The other members rearranged their busy schedules and Tyler even managed to book them to play at the New Kiev town auction so they could have a live audience reaction. Donna was wiping a tear and just beaming as she hugged Myke, “This has been wonderful, I knew from the rehearsals that we’d be good. But I never imagined us to be this awesome.”

Tyler and Sallon just laughed, and Tyler said, “It is not just the singers, let’s hear it for the composer and arranger, Lainey!” She stood up and took a bow.

“RUN! AXE MURDERER!” One of the residents of New Kiev was screaming. The villagers were fleeing to their cottages, slamming doors and shuttering the windows.

“Tyler, the Vega!” Donna yelled as their producer, David, put the Vega in gear and started off down the rutted path that served as Main Street. Tyler started running to cut off the driver, without the Vega they were stranded. Donna’s Miata was only a two-seater, and red to boot. “Ouch!” He called out as he tripped in the long grass. “Stay back! I think this is the victim.”

Tyler checked for a pulse, but with all the blood, he knew it was hopeless. “It looks more like a knife wound. Wait, here is a scythe.” He picked up and waved a bloody scythe. “I think this is the murder weapon.”

“Put it down for CSI.” Sallon called out.

“No way, we need it for defense. Can anyone call out?” They all checked for signal strength bars. New Kiev lay in a wooded hollow, deep in Ohio hill country and it was hopeless to use a cellphone. Tyler gave out a frustrated sigh and just shook his head.

“Okay, then. The village doesn’t have electricity. We had to bring a generator to run the recording equipment. I doubt they have phones. Let’s form up on the Miata.” Myke said as he picked up a couple of rocks. “We can have two or three people squeeze in the Miata, the rest sit on the hood or trunk. We’ll get out of this just fine. Keep a sharp lookout.”

“Leave the equipment?” Ruggi squirmed and set down a keyboard. “Do we have time to cache it?”

“Look, the villagers are back outside. What are they doing?” Lainey pointed and called out. “They have pitchforks, and torches. And they have blocked off our route.”

“It’s Tyler, they see him with the scythe. They think he is the murder!”

Tyler took in the scene at a glance and veered off to lead the mob away from his friends. If he could make it to a ridge, they’d have a shot at making a cell call out and getting help.

“Over here!” It was David, calling out from deeper in the woods. Tyler looked back, the mob was gaining on him, he had no choice but to continue on. “In here, I have the Vega stashed in this cave.”

“Damn it! We needed the car back in the village.” Tyler was livid.

“No, this place is a setup, Man. I saw AK47s, grenades… these people have invaded us.”

“Red Dawn scenario?” Tyler caught his breath and looked around. “Is this place safe? The walls have ears?” David nodded no, but shrugged. Tyler peered out the cave, and started humming quietly to himself, “no more Mr. Nice Guy…” Then he pulled a knife, the Cutting Edge Quartet was going to show these invaders… a Red Dawn.

Blogophilia 27.4 Topic: “The Walls Have Ears”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): use a phrase from
one of David II’s blogs ~ Tyler gave out a frustrated sigh and just shook his head. – Hazy Shades in Winter 25.4

(Easy, 1pt): use an Alice Cooper song title – No More Mr. Nice Guy

Final date to post: September 6th,
2011 GMT midnight

Final date to post ALL GUESSES:
September 3rd, 2011 GMT midnight

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Hazy Shades in Winter – Blogophilia 25.4

August 19, 2011 18 comments

“This place is great, Tyler. The Skeleton Key Club is a keeper!” Sallon seemed amused. “The Egyptian theme is a little freaky, though.”

Tyler gave out a frustrated sigh and just shook his head. This wasn’t at all what he imagined it to be when he won the nightclub in a high stakes dice game in Atlantic City. He’d been feeling jinxed all day, and just played in the game as a favor until winning the club. He guessed he should feel grateful, but it just didn’t fit the South Philly neighborhood. After the parade they’d need to make some decor changes.

“Let me put play something on the DJ turntable that will get the mood rolling,” Myke yelled out. “Walk Like an Egyptian…”

Tyler had a frantic feeling welling up inside, he should have waited until after the parade to come here. Everyone was trying to be helpful, but he’d be more grateful if they’d get in their costumes. All of Ohio would be tuning in to see them win the parade’s dance award, this was too crucial for the state’s pride for any distractions. Both Sallon and Thomcat were getting fired up, singing the Ohio Mummers parade song already.

We from Ohio

Mummers from Ohio

Strummers in a Trio

We from Ohio

Land that we adore so

We from Ohio

Paradise we couldn’t love more

We from Ohio

We’ll Mummer past your DOOR!!!

What’s the word?


“Hey, check out the backroom,” Thomcat called out. “There’s a sarcophagus. I wonder if it is empty?” A creaking sound could be heard above the music, and Tyler raced towards the room. “A MUMMY! HE’S MOVING!” Thomcat gasped. Tyler, Myke and Thomcat all jumped on the sarcophagus to try and close it, but the Mummy slid out. And blocked their exit.

Sallon slammed the backroom door shut, then pushed an old stone sphinx in front of it to keep it blocked. They’d thank her later for not letting the Mummy loose on the crowded streets of Philadelphia, the carnage would be horrendous. Inside the backroom all three looked at each other, they knew Sallon had good intentions… but unwanted favors gain no gratitude. She could just make out a sweet scent coming from the room. Orchids? No… The word was on the tip of her tongue, Chrysanthemums. Yes, mums the word.

25.4 Mum’s the Word

Blogophilia 25.4 Topic: “Mum’s the word”
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts): Incorporate a quote by Sophocles ~ Unwanted favors gain no gratitude. — Sophocles (Oedipus at Colonus)
(Easy, 1pt): Use the words frustrated, freaky, frantic
Contact Tyler Myrth to try out for the Ohio Mummers Dance Club.
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Blogophilia 24.4 Topic: “What’s Mine is Yours”

August 14, 2011 15 comments


Blogophilia 24.4 Topic: “What’s Mine is Yours”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): Paraphrase ‘Goethe’ ~ All things are only transitory.

(Easy, 1pt): include something rotten

Final date to post: August 16th, 2011 GMT midnight

Final date to post ALL GUESSES: August 13th, 2011 GMT midnight

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Blogophilia Week 16.4 – A New Time Has Begun

June 20, 2011 9 comments

“Do you have a reservation, Sir?”

Tyler laughed. “Yes, of course.” This weekend probably was the most business the Doppler Hotel had experienced in years. Sallon was supposed to be picking up Falcon and Lissa at the Airport while Myke and Donna took care of the decorations in the ballroom. Everyone agreed that Thomcat needed a weekend to acclimate himself back to the Midwest. All the green, the trees, could be too stimulating. Going straight into Ohio was just not an option.

“You have Room 8, the top of the staircase and the third room on your right.”

Tyler winced. He hated that staircase. The Doppler Hotel was the first building in Indiana to feature an elevator, and the architects had thought no one would use anything as old fashioned as stairs again. So they cut some corners on the specifications, leaving a tight and winding staircase with undersized treads. And when one of the original cables on the elevator broke in the 1870s… no one had been able to get a replacement part. Tyler looked over, yes, the sign Under Repair was still hanging on the elevator. Well, Dahlia wouldn’t make it up those stairs in her stilettos, so hopefully she had a first floor room.

He could hear Lainey rehearsing her violin solo in the theatre. She hadn’t wanted to play a set with The Wackies but she was being a good sport about it. He could hardly wait for tonight’s concert.

“Sir, there is a message for you. A woman.” The manager slid across the huge brass room key along with a folded message. As Tyler read it, he felt a cold chill… it was from Lesley-Anne Downs. He decided he would just act naturally, no need to worry Sallon about the past. Face forward… A new time has begun. He’d never ridden the rails again since the incident with M&Ms with her on the train.


Is that Lesley? Sallon did a double-take. You can’t build your life around hurts from the past, she reminded herself. But it did hurt… Deeply.

Lesley had been her one friend at her new school, all the other girls wouldn’t speak to her until she started wearing nylons like everyone else. Then Lesley had told her Mom about the nylons and betrayed her and gotten her grounded… Sallon knew she was getting too worked up. Maybe it wasn’t even Lesley, just a Doppleganger or something.

She just sighed and started walking into the hotel. The sounds of Lainey’s violin getting closer and closer in time. She shivered, the Doppler Effect?


Blogophilia Week 16.4 – A New Time Has Begun

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): use a quote from the playwriter Tyler Perry – You can’t build your life around hurts from the past
(Easy, 1pt): mention an oxymoron – act naturally

Final date to post: June 21st, 2011 GMT midnight
Final date to post ALL GUESSES: June 18th, 2011 GMT midnight
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Unmasked and A Cold Truth…

May 18, 2011 50 comments

Unmasked… (Blogophilia 19) prose poetry/fiction


Draped in Kafka

Josephine’s silky sinuous swirling,
incites rising ripening rippling whirling.

Smitten Hunter’s hungered hurtling,
wends woven hesitations peeling, unfurling.

Feelings wheeling,
careening, reeling.

Rustling, swishing,
bustling, wishing.

Mouse Singer’s siren mermaids singing,
peals for Whom the Bell Tolls, tempestuous ringing.

Stinging Fools and Jackals yield whispered weeping,
Stillness unmasks pulses caressing, guides ecstasy leaping.


Caftan arrival


While attending a recent theatre production, I wandered backstage at the intermission to provide some much needed lighting tips. I felt the lighting design was barely adequate for something like Annie, but unprofessional in the extreme for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

After being unceremoniously ejected for trying on a coat of many colors and not having purchased a ticket. I vowed to make to make changes in the industry and work my way back in…

It is not necessary that you leave the house. Remain at your table and listen. Do not even listen, only wait. Do not even wait, be wholly still and alone. The world will present itself to you for its unmasking, it can do no other, in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet. – Franz Kafka

Now I was nervously sitting through an audition. A striking woman entered and sat next to me wearing a cowboy hat and what seemed to me a sixties vintage dress and a mischievous smirk. The play was an original production based on a mishmash of Kafka themes, kind of like a painting where some see symbolism and metaphors in the splash and dabs of paint.

The director also seemed smitten with her but I sensed there was an attraction and connection and asked her to join me for coffee afterwards. She hesitated, but her smile put me at ease. Being distracted, it hardly registered but I was given the part of Hunter Gracchus and she was my Josephine the Singer. The day just couldn’t get any better.

Because it is a community theatre event (no budget) we have the responsibility of furnishing our own costumes and we decided to shop together. Her ideal for a Mouse Songstress outfit is the type of flowing caftan ensembles that seem comfortable. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a guys outfit like that too.

I look like I’m a nutcase and I had planned on camo BDUs as my Hunter Gracchus look. But she seemed taken with this idea and nobody knows I’m going to be in this production so what is the harm. It’s hard to resist the chance to wear a cowboy hat.

At the first rehearsal we were pretty much the center of attention, our love for each other glows and our hip costumes had the others green with envy. One woman went so far as to leave to “pick up her children” and coincidentally had changed into a caftan in the process. Her body language was still tense around us, being the power couple of a group can be hard.






By the next rehearsal our influence had grown, all the cast and even the uptight lighting design volunteer Tyler had cowboy hats. Everybody was saving for caftans and the director and playwright were clearly upset, even though the cast was the happiest I’ve ever seen.

“For the good of the production and better chemistry…” uttered the Director.

I knew right away where this was heading, and sure enough the director dismissed us from the play. We went home and spent the evening waiting in stillness for the phone to ring and our invitation back to the theatre world.

Finally unmasking and ending up writhing in ecstasy.

This is a blog for the group, Blogophilia, entries on this topic can be posted until July 14th, midnight GMT.

(Topics show up on Tuesdays.)
Week 19 Topic: Better Chemistry
bonus points:
(hard, 2 points): using the phrase “For whom the bell tolls”

(easy, 1 point): include mermaids

A Cold Truth… (Blogophilia 12.4)


Tyler looked out the window. Falling snow in May, it just couldn’t get any better. There appeared to be someone out there, the moon was peeking through some of the clouds and sending down faint moonshine.


Well, returning the play to Minnesota was controversial but his brother, the director, had made a promise three years ago. Now they had to cast local actors and what a chore that had been. Everybody was happy with the selections except the Hunter Gracchus character. An attitude problem with the costumes again. Same guy, too.


Tyler picked up a piece of pizza. Sallon had ordered her favorite, Hawaiian, but all they had available was pepperoni. She always told him not to substitute when it came to following his heart. The pizza was a sign.



Between his heart and the moon, Tyler knew he had to make the call. It might seem like a broken promise, but the production needed the best cast available. The part for Hunter Gracchus would have to be played by himself….


Blogophilia 12.4; “Between My Heart and the Moon”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include a caftan and a broken promise

(Easy, 1pt): mention Moonshine and a Hawaiian pizza

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Blogophilia 5.4 – A Crazy Twist of Fate

April 4, 2011 37 comments

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman! It is time for another edition of America’s best loved game show… Family Feud. With your new host, Charlie Sheen! Let’s have a warm round of appreciation… Stand up and clap. Cut.

Director: Let’s just keep moving, Don. We’ll use stock footage for the audience on this one. Audience, you can file out.

Charlie: Welcome everybody. Today is a great day for a winner like me. I can do more hosting than any two and a half men could.

Director: Charlie, keep to the script. Stay focused.

Charlie: Let’s meet our contestants. This week is a celebrity challenge and we have a team from the unreleased movie Zodiac facing off with and all-star ensemble from the movie Kaleidoscope.  Starting with Zodiac, David II. Producer, Director and author of the new bestseller See Mankato on Ten Bucks a Day. Welcome to the show. Who do you have with you today.

David II: Sallon Newlove, producer and author of The Woman Behind the Green Diaries of Sallon Newlove.

Charlie: Shall we have a kiss? Mwah. You ever need to a place to crash, just stay with me and my girlfriends.

Director: Charlie, stay focused on the show.

Charlie: And then Tyler Myrth. A choreographer who specializes in tap dancing? Fascinating I’m sure. Let’s move on. D. J. Myke, a record producer from Tennessee who has just released a new Metal Goth CD set called The Best Damn Goth Banjo Picking from Austin City Limits. Far out album, but needs more cowbell. Just speaking as a winner to a winner. And it appears the last member of the team is a bear? Is this thing dead?

David II: That is Zodiac, I’ve hypnotized him for your protection. SGI’s Lissa and the Falcon are standing by as expert in dangerous animal control, just in case.

Charlie: OK, now to the Kaleidoscope team. Sassy Sue is the producer. Can you introduce your team for us?

Sue: We have directors Clint Eastwood and Ron Howard. My client, screenwriter Ruggi.

David II: Objection! Charlie, Ruggi was our screenwriter. He never wrote Kaleidoscope.

Charlie: Ruggi, it says here your favorite sports are football, which I guess you mean soccer, and farmer golf?

Ruggi: Yes, Charlie. And the Tour de France.

Charlie: Well, he can stay on Sue’s team. I like Dutch soccer myself. Wish that damn octopus would have selected them. And the last member of Kaleidoscope is Christopher, another government employee?

Christoper: I handled the movie permit for my town on Kaleidoscope.

Charlie: Well then let’s get this feud started!

Ruggi: You were supposed to mention I am writing a docu-drama on skid row. Honey, I Shrunk the Skids.

Zodiac: Roar.

*    *   *

Director: What caused the bear to go berserk?

The Falcon: We used honey as a hypnotic trigger to attack on the movie. Don’t use the word around Zodiac.

Director: He seems to be stuck with his big, fat belly in the stage trapdoor.

Lissa: That is a crazy twist of fate, we hid pots of honey under the stage. Where is our assistant, Robin? Christopher, Robin, can we free this bear from being stuck?

Blogophilia 5.4 Topic: “A Crazy Twist of Fate”

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts):Mention 3 Sports
(Easy, 1pt):Use Tap Dancing

Final date to post: April 5th, 2011 GMT midnight
Final date to post ALL GUESSES: April 2nd, 2011 GMT midnight

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